Sunday, February 4, 2018

Encourage & Inspire

I don't know about you, but I find the beginning of the week the absolute hardest! 

Waking up on a Monday morning is a pain felt by too many and sometimes we need a little emotional boost to get our souls ready for the week. 

I find a lot of comfort in quotes, words of affirmation and encouraging messages. 

A part of me is really embarrassed by this, because I admit it can be pretty cheesy and I would love to say I look for affirmation in The Secret or some other book that explains the secret of happiness, but here we are. 

In order to find a new lockscreen on your phone or help boost you through the week ahead, I'm going to leave you with some quotes that have helped me through some pretty hard days. 

(Personal Fave)

I hope at least one of these sits as well in your soul as they did in mine. 

I wish I could leave links to where I got these, but I've collected them over time. I want to say Pinterest and Instagram, so you'll have to settle for me saying I do not own, nor did I make them! 

Leave me some of your favourite mantras and comment your favourite of mine! 

Have a great week people! 

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