Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Life Currently - Hey Strangers!

Where did July go? 

Where did I go? 

All of these questions - AND MORE - answered on the blog today! 

Happy August friends! I hope you weren't too lonely on the internet without me. 

My little hiatus was made up of three components: 

A) A severe case of writers block. If you follow me on instagram (@jaynehamlyn), you may have seen some of my rambling on there. And while I'm sure it is SoOoO annoying, it also gave me some really good ideas! So, thank you for letting me be a fool - and also, thanks for actually giving me great idea's pals! 

B) A new job! I know I keep my employment pretty DL on here, and that is intentional because I work in politics and would never want anything to come back on my employer. I want to keep my blog life and professional life very separate. So, in saying that I started a new job (YAY) and was really trying to focus on that, feeling comfortable in my new position and making sure I was 100% focused on settling in and starting my job. I didn't feel as though I could put the effort promoting / writing and interacting a new post required, and I would never want to do something half-way, so I took some time off until I could come back as committed and ready to write in a way I was proud of! 

C) Summer is BUSY!! I would love to know where the lazy, hazy days of summer are!! Between ^^ what was written up there ^^, buying a car (!!), dad being home and trying to be a tourist at home (is that a hint for an upcoming post) (maybe) (definitely) (do you want one) (????) I barely have time to breathe!! 

With all that being said, I miss it here! I love my little corner of the internet. It is currently 100% me. I am the only one who has done any of the design (if ya wanna call it that), taught myself some SEO (idk if it's working), all photos are my own -unless otherwise stated - and I'm trying to keep it really custom! 

It's a difficult balancing act and any tips on how people manage to be effective in time management - I'm BEGGING for your help! Comment below if you have any tips that might help me keep my blogging on schedule and not take over the rest of my life! 

Anyway - I am sorry this post was all over the place. I really wanted to pop back and let you know I still plan on being on here, but life has other plans lately! I just wrote, and let it go where it needed to go. 


Being a tourist at home. 

My favourite places in St. John's

Best restaurants in St. John's (on a budget) 

Stay tuned!! 

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  1. Love the personality and originality of it all. I have one critique- redo your signature. It can be just that but if you make it cleaner looking and more neat than I think it will be more cohesive.
    Also time management hacks/productivity hacks: apps called Forest, 30/30 and Freedom. All great for keeping you on task and off your phone if that's what you need! Also I love Pinterest for these kind of things so just search! ������