Thursday, June 29, 2017

When you know.

Do you ever find that you'll be moving along one day, thinking you have everything 100% under control and then you'll hear something, see something or something will dawn on you and it whips the ground out from underneath you ?


Ok, Me either....

This doesn't happen to me a lot. But it has happened to me a couple times in my life, and excuse me for being dramatic but it really does give me a plunge in my stomach.

The first time I remember it was with my grandmother. We were talking about something when I was in high school (realistically, probably boys) and she just looked at me and said

This, too, shall pass.

I was shaken to the core. I don't know why. It isn't a novel concept. It isn't something Goggy made up, but to this day it is what gets me too so much and truth be known, I will have it tattooed somewhere at some point.

Recently, I was scrolling through twitter - probably when I should have been doing something else - and I saw a tweet from Corinne Fisher, co-host of the GWF podcast and stand up comedian.

She said:

You know how they say when you've found the right person you just know? It's also the same with finding your purpose.

All I could think about was this blog and everything I have gotten from it. Until now, I have never been one to be outrageously passionate about anything I have done. Even on my previous attempts at starting this blog, I couldn't fully commit.

I wasn't ready to find my purpose.

I have gotten so much from this blog in the short amount of time I have been fully committed to it.

I am so excited to write up blog posts, write about mental health, *try* to make you guys laugh, share what is happening to me, share what I want to happen to me and everything and anything I have left out.

This blog has given me a sense of confidence and purpose I have never had before. I am currently working on a few passion projects that I hope to eventually be able to share with you, but I am only able to work on them based on what I take away from this blog.

But, I am so happy with what is happening. I finally feel like I have a place that is solely my own. It has given me a chance to spread my wings, see what works and see what doesn't.

I have interacted with people I never would have met if not for this network of bloggers and it has caused people I had lost touch with to reach out and I think that is beautiful.

I am more confident at telling my stories as I go, and I would have never had the confidence to talk about this when it first happened, or heck. Even a few months ago, but the swell I get in my stomach when I think about coming here, it makes it worth it.

I am hooked. I have never had more determination, more drive or more fire. I am working on tackling something I would have never dreamed possible for me

I don't think I could stop now, even if I wanted too.

What keeps you coming back?

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