Tuesday, June 20, 2017

To Me, From Me.


 I'm coming in hot to my 22nd birthday, which means I can now

A) Listen to 22 by Taylor Swift as much as I want and really mean it when I sing "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling twenty two"

B) Call myself an adult because I have been legal in ~EvErY CoUnTrY ~ for a year


C) Give unsolicited advice to everyone because that's what adults do!!!!

Aren't you excited?

In all seriousness, the older I get the more I can look back and see how many mistakes I made, time I wasted and just things I could have done better.

So, I thought, why not tell yourself what you would have done differently?

Write a letter to yourself entering those dreaded teen years, so here goes!!

A letter to Myself - turning 12

 Hi Jayne!

You're entering ****Jr High**** this year and SO excited about it.

You're feeling super old and like you know everything there is to know, about anything.

A lot is going to change for you over the next couple of years so listen up!  

Stop obsessing over being on people's Summer Friends list. Because if you weren't friends already, you aren't going to be because your name is on the super exclusive list, and second of all, they aren't going to call half of those people anyway! So stop worrying. Worry about keeping your friends that are your year round friends. Crazy, I know.

For the love of goodness, spend all the time you can with your grandparents this summer. I know golf is early, and all your friends are sleeping in, but go. Cherish every single minute you spend with them. It will be the last summer this gets to happen and although you don't know it then, these will be some of your favorite memories, so don't be a brat.

Please don't wear the tiara to your birthday party next week. Just do yourself a favor, because 10 years later you're still cringing about it.

Some new kids move into your block this summer, go make friends. They are some pretty special people, and although you drift apart in a few years they really stick by you through some really tough times. Appreciate them.

Smile more!! You have very little to worry about right now, so enjoy it. Play spotlight with the kids, and eat alllll of the ice cream. You're way to young to be worrying about your weight, learn to love yourself a little sooner - you'll be better for it.


You are 12. I literally can't believe I need to type this. But you don't. Boys will come and go a million times over before you find one that is right, so don't start so young.

Don't kiss the boyfriend because other people say you should because, yes, your first kiss was terrible, and awkward, and just all together exactly what you expect a kiss would be at 12.

It gets better.

When you break up with the boyfriend, use a better reason than it just isn't there. You are twelve. What was it? Was it ever there??

What was it??? Ten years later, I still don't know.

My final piece of advice to you is a doozy. You don't need to be popular. Don't be so obsessed with people liking you. The girl who claims she is going to make you popular isn't your friend. If she was, she wouldn't straight up tell you that you need to change for people to like you.

Save yourself the trouble, stay friends with the people who are your friends now. Don't take them for granted. Choosing to be friends with people who only like you if you change is setting yourself up for a lot of ups and downs in the friends department, when you already have some really good ones.

Spend more time with your family. Spend time with your brother. You don't know it now but this is the last time you two will ever live together. You'll miss him a lot, so enjoy it.

Remember that you are enough, sweet girl. You'll find people who love you.

Enjoy being a kid. It goes by way too fast.


  1. Aw I love this post! It's such a great idea and sometimes I wish I could go back and talk to my younger self! Xx

    1. I would have done so much differently !! You know what they say - hindsight 20/20

  2. I'm turning 22 myself in a few months, I found some things very relatable. This was a great post.

  3. I love it. I recognize a lot of things in it. When you're 12 you really don't need a bf!

    1. I know !!! Looking back, it was SO important to me at the time.

  4. Such a great post - i really need to write a letter to my younger self too and i bet it would contain a lot of the same!

    1. It was really fun to write too - let me know if you do it :)

  5. Love this! My favorite is the YOU DO NOT NEED A BOYFRIEND part, lol. I really wish that I could go back and tell myself this, too!

    1. Omg tell me about it. I have no idea what I was even doing with a boyfriend at 12!!

  6. Great post and loving oneself is always the best part to happiness.

  7. Such a cute post! Just remember, you're only where you are now because of the past. You're stronger now because of what happened then! ❤️❤️

  8. AH, this was amazing read! Usually people write letters for 10 years future. Great lessons you've learned :-)

  9. Love this Jayne.. im going to send it to lily. She turns 12 in December. 😚

  10. This is one of the amazing posts. I wished I could do this to me.
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. :)