Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Importance of Miley Cyrus


 There's a part of me that thinks Miley Cyrus at the 2013 BBMA's twerking on Robin Thick is akin to any other great tragedy. We all remember where we were, what we were doing and who we were with when we first saw it.

I was watching the awards and I remember just staring at my TV, mouth agape wondering how Hannah got here. My innocent, funny, sweet niblets Hannah was now a twerking, licking, spandex panty set wearing ... well, let's not call her anything.

But she was gone.

Her music (IMO) was better than ever, but her antics were mind boggling.

Soon after, the golden couple that were her and Liam Hemsworth was over, he was kissing someone else and she was kissing girls. It was too much for my mind to handle and you're talking to a girl who obsessively likes to keep up with the Kardashians.

Myself - and many others I am sure - attributed it to growing up in the limelight. The usual cop outs we give to celebrities who have a break down, get weird, let the fame go to their heads or the most offensive - in my opinion - She was doing it for attention.

I went with it. I was a Party in the U.S.A fan. I wouldn't make plans until after Hannah Montanna on Friday nights and if there was a marathon I wasn't making any plans.

Fast forward to the release of Malibu and the preluding interview with Billboard magazine, it's like something clicked in me. She talked about having to fall in love with Liam again, about how she's releasing Malibu because everyone is going to talk about their relationship and she wants to tell her version of what happened and where they are now and she also talks about how this album is her leaning into her roots and trying to reach out to people and create hope. As she so eloquently put it: "I don't think people are going to listen to me when I'm sitting there in nipple pasties, you know?"

TBH, I think Miley grew up. Unlike the rest of us who only has to delete pictures from our awkward, experimental, rebellious phase from Facebook, Miley's played out in front of the world.

Who doesn't go a little crazy when we get our first taste of freedom? Who doesn't do wild things with their hair - I have the brown incident of 2010 - when they get tired of the status quo? Who doesn't change what kind of music they listen to - or in Miley's case perform?

(brown incident of 2010.. who am I to judge?)

Miley Cyrus is one of the few celebrities out there who doesn't try to cultivate a perfect image. Taylor Swift rebrands herself with every album. Princess dresses for Fearless, suspenders and shorts for Red and an endless array of crop tops and bottoms for 1989. It is all meticulously planned and coordinated with little room for mistakes or anything off brand.

Miley is much more authentic. Her changes feel less like rebranding and more like her saying this is who I am now. It is refreshing in a way that makes me like her more and more. I don't feel as though there is going to be some big scandal that leave me feeling like I have gotten the wool pulled over my eyes.

Drugs? We know she was doing them and now she's not. Will she do them again? Probably but right now she has more important things on her mind.

Relationships? She's been in them. Stella Maxwell, Patrick Schwarzenegger she's been there and ended up with Liam so I don't see anything surprising coming from her.

Miley has been refreshingly authentic in a pop culture that is historically inauthentic. She admits she is now embarrassed of the Wrecking Ball video. She takes homeless children to award shows and has now started two foundations for the homeless.

Say what you want about her. She is genuine, generous and herself.

I think that is important.


  1. I swear down I cried when I heard she was back with Liam! Such an inspiration on how we can always find ourselves again, no matter how lost we are
    Alice | Dainty Alice

  2. Cute post. I've never been a big fan of Miley but it sure was interesting to read your post and learn a bit more about her. :)

  3. I always thought she was going through some kind of a elaborated teenaged rebellion, and gosh I'm glad that was the case. She's such a talent with an incredible voice.
    Katja xxx

  4. Glad to hear she has grown up, because all people should. That's part of the evolution of an artist.


  5. Children stars all seem to go through a rough patch but glad to see she seems to be back to herself these days!

  6. I was so sad to see her turn, but always hoped she would get it together. She has a beautiful voice and so much potential for a beautiful life.

  7. Actually I really like how she's gone back to her roots with the new album... Have a lovely weekend btw! :)