Friday, June 9, 2017

Please Help Me.

 My birthday weekend is in 21 days ... 21 days AND COUNTING.

I've entered panic mode.

For me, birthdays have always been a big deal. I like to have #JaynesBirthdayWeek and for the most part all my birthdays have lived up to the hype (except for that one time I got dumped on my birthday, but that's a post for another day).

(Enjoying my birthday last year, with a 2/$5 Mimosa)

I am thinking I'm getting on track with the planning I have one birthday outfit already! A gingham romper from AEO with the cutest peek a boo hole in the front. However, since my birthday is on a long weekend I need an outfit for

Friday: At work + after work celebrations (A.K.A the Simple Plan concert)

Saturday: Birthday brunch outfit + Party outfit (romper?? It's Canada Day, please help. I want to be festive for both occasions.)

Sunday (Actual Birthday): Brunch + all day outfit.

So that is 5 outfits and I only have one !! I need suggestions - where do you all get your cute / comfy yet still celebratory outfits ?? I am at a loss, even though this outfit is speaking to me and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind.. So I might have 2/5 outfits before too long...

Also, apart from Canada's birthday bash I have no idea what I want to do for that weekend. Friday night and Saturday afternoon / night are taken care of, but what else? I always feel like birthday weekends need to made the most out of. When else can you do whatever you want and people have to agree with you, ya know?

I'm definitely thinking Yellowbelly for brunch one day, probably Sunday because it runs later than most places and 2/$5 mimosas??? I am there.
But other than that, I am tapped. I need suggestions.

And a few more important questions:
  • Those big helium balloons, do you buy them yourself? Ask someone to buy them? Do they just appear?
  • What are some fun birthday themed things you can do on your birthday in St. John's?
  • Is it necessary to have "22" by Taylor Swift on for the whole weekend? Or will just the day of my 22nd birthday suffice?

I'm also very excited for this birthday because it will be the first one Matt and I get to spend together!! He was in Florida last year, and while we made the best of it, I am looking forward to spending this day with him and seeing what he has up his sleeve!!

In other news, there are exciting changes ahead for Caffeine & Big Dreams that I am hoping I can share with you all soon! I don't want to say anything until the I's are dotted and the T's crossed but I can share that it is something I am working really, really hard on and I hope you will all love it!!

Until the time that I can release this news, ENJOY THE OWN DOMAIN I HAVE. I've been himming and hawing over taking this next step ever since I relaunched, but I have been going strong for three months and it is definitely something I want to pursue, I pulled the trigger!!

That's all for now! Enjoy your weekend and please get back to me with outfit + restaurant recs!!


  1. Oh it's amazing that you're so excited about your birthday :-) happy birthday in advance!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope your celebrations are wonderful!

  3. When it comes to my birthdays I feel the same but I always end up a bit disappointed. Congrats on your own domain, I remember how excited I was when I got myself a domain!
    BS, xx |

  4. Sounds like a fun birthday weekend. Hope you find the perfect outfits.

  5. Sounds like a lovely time you have planned! Hope you have a great birthday

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  6. I'm the same, I always make a massive deal about my birthdays and they have to be amazing or else!

  7. My birthday is in couple of weeks and I am not excited at all. Probably because I realized that I am getting old :)

  8. Happy birthday hope it was fun