Sunday, June 4, 2017

Journey to self love

When I was in Grade two I remember learning about weight. In order to learn, our teacher decided the entire class needed to be weighed, with that weight written on the board next to their initials.

I remember being the second heaviest person in my class.
While we were only seven or eight, and no one ever mentioned it and probably never even noticed it stuck with me. It was the first time I remember being self conscious of my weight, of how I looked and of how I compared body wise to other people in my class. 

I was seven. 

Fast forward to Jr. High when I was bullied for my weight. When one kid decided to call me as fat as a truck and make beeping noises whenever I walked by. Tell me I had no friends because I was too fat. Pull out the chair from me when I was sitting to see if the room shook when I fell. Needless to say, I was self conscious of my weight and how I appeared to the rest of the world. I went years without going swimming, too embarrassed to be in a swim suit,  was uncomfortable in dresses because of my thighs, and didn't like wearing form fitting anything because I was too fat. 

Thank God for my parents. While they always encouraged me to be healthy and look after myself, but also gave me the self confidence I needed to get past my hang ups and feel beautiful in my own skin. I still ask Mom if things look too tight across my stomach, or does this draw attention to my stomach? 

And every time she says 

That's the way you're made. It fits you and looks beautiful. Do you feel comfortable? Then get it.

I will never be a size 2. But that's okay. I am healthy. I go to the gym, I run, I walk and I (try) to watch what I eat. But, most importantly, I am comfortable in my body and I love myself. I am happy with myself. 

I wear the trends I want. Should a size 12 wear horizontal stripes in a tight dress?? 

Who cares?? I did, and looked pretty fab if I do say so myself 

I think confidence is sexy. Knowing your body and knowing what makes you comfortable, thats sexy. 

Would I wear this without spanx? HECK NO.

But I know what makes me feel good. That's what matters.

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  1. Awe I loved this post! I am a size 12, a 9 before my 2nd pregnancy. I can't believe the teacher did that! For what it is worth I love the dress on you and agree that confidence is sexy!

  2. Your dress looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Why is it so hard for us to just love ourselves? I've struggled my whole life. You look great! Thanks for writing this :-)

  4. You look fabulous and this post was very good! :)

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