Monday, June 26, 2017

Answering your FAQ

 I know, I know.

Jayne, we have been demanding this for SO LONG.
Why keep us waiting?

Jayne, we need to know about you!! Tell us everything


Rest assured friends, I have listened and I am ready to deliver.

Q: Your fashion is so high end! How do you find such unique pieces?

A: Great question, reader #1! I shop exclusively at Old Navy and also any where else I can find a good deal. (Winners)

Q: HOW do you do your hair every day? It must take SO MUCH time and effort.

A: My go to hair style is a little something I like to call Body by Dry Shampoo. It is where you wash your hair once a week and then dry shampoo it until your hair is essentially white.

Q: What made you get into blogging?? 

A: I just had too many thoughts and not enough people to listen.

Q: Where do you get your sense of humour? 

A: I watch a lot of the Mindy Project. 

Q: How much does it cost to hire a photographer? All your photos are so professional! 

A: Great question! It's an honest mistake, but my photographer is my mom or Matt until they get too annoyed and they stop taking them :) !

Q: Cuba seems like such a well-behaved dog.. How did you train him? 

A: You just give him treats whenever he barks and eventually he sits or looks cute and I snap a pic!

Q: You seem like such a fun person! What is your favourite thing to do to pass time? 

A: I like to tell myself jokes.

Okay guys, I will be back with more as you all send in your burning questions, until then ... Enjoy your week!


  1. Cute and funny post - I love reading Q&A's.

  2. Are you me?! Seriously, I felt like we have the same answers to so many of these questions - like the Mindy Project, dry shampoo all week and the Old Navy wardrobe. Really cute post! Love it!

  3. Ahaha, loved this! Made me laugh :-) these kinds of Q&A's are always such a great reads :-)

  4. This was so funny, I ❤ it!

  5. "I just had too many thoughts and not enough people to listen" - I love that point! I started to let me creativity flow and as a good consequence my photography and lightroom skills got better :D

  6. We are kinda "related" except I do not shop at old navy. Lol.
    I think I might write a post on "I just had too many thoughts and not enough people to listen" this got me like ...

  7. Wonderful and funny reading! I always love reading this kind of post! And yes, your outfits are all fantastic!

  8. Your post was a good way to start a day, thanks for this funny reading!

  9. Q&As are great! It's always nice to get to know the blogger a little bit better. I always prefer a more personal blog post anyways. Have a nice day!

  10. Haha - I love when people get down right personal and let their characters shine through. You made me LOL girl.
    Katja xxx

  11. these FAQ type of posts are not very common. I think these are fun! hope to see more such posts!

  12. I love this post. Your sense of humor is like mine and that means it is AMAZING. ����