Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Types of People You Find in the Dog Park ..

 Cuba and I have become regulars at the Dog Parks in St. John's. In Grand Falls it was just never feasible to go there, for whatever reason.

(otw to the dog park) 

However, since we have been going, I have noticed that there are certain types of people that go there, and no matter how many people are there they all fall into one of these categories.

There's the Suzannes. The person who bring there dogs there but have no intention of letting them run around of play with the other dogs and follow their dogs around to carry them any from any interaction with other dogs, and if they do happen to get into a scuffle with another dog the leash is clipped on and they are out of there! These people either have Chihuahua's or Huskies. Susanne is usually accompanied by Cindy who stands outside the park with her dog until they can continue their walk.

Then there are the Ben's of the dog park world. They bring their dog there exclusively for training and he will train your dog too! He's a real life Caesar Milan, he is. Your dog will learn all the cool tricks - as long as you don't interrupt his training session. Throwing a ball? Not while he's around. His dog is there to learn, how dare we interrupt!

The Anti-Ben, usually hangs around on the opposite side of the Dog Park from Ben, We call him Trevor. Trev is there with his young pup to burn off some energy. The pup will run around, chase anyone and anything and probably bang into every single person there. Trev's dog will be the one interrupting Ben's training sessions.

They might come to blows.

Aside from these lovely people, there is also Jenni and Chad . Jenni and Chad are dating, and so are their dogs! They can't believe their luck that their dogs fell in love and so did they!! They're here on a date, this is their spot.

And then there is the Jayne and Cuba's of the world. We have a strategy. I go to pet all the dogs, and he goes to get all these people to pet him! It works well for us both, really. I get to pet all the dogs while Cuba gets to get attention from all the owners.

Except for Ben, he's training his dog.

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