Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Let's talk about Facebook ..

Let's talk about Facebook. 

In an age where information is the most important thing, next to having enough likes and followers of course, having thousands of friends on facebook is the norm. However, I have some questions. 

Do you know all of these people? Why do you need to keep them all in your loop? Do you communicate with them on the norm? Or do you have a sort of like for like agreement that you both subscribe to, to keep them around? 

I really only use facebook to share things, memes I find funny and to keep in communication for family that I don't communicate with enough to have their number but don't necessarily want to loose complete contact with. I also appreciate the group chat feature on messenger for people that don't have iPhones (I know.. these people still exist) and to have people around that I don't get to see on the daily but have a genuine interest in their life. 

(for example, this angel that I haven't seen since 2012 but remains one of my best friends)

Now, I get it. I have some people on there that I don't know personally. But either I was at some point and am not ready to let go of, or I plan to be (significant others of close friends, work colleagues I like, etc). However,  I have no problem deleting people that I have no interest in seeing their posts and don't particularly care about them seeing mine. 

I just don't understand why it becomes so 'rude' or a person is seen as 'bitter', a 'bitch' or hateful when they choose to keep their lives to themselves. I just don't want to accept a friend request from someone who hasn't bothered to wish me a happy birthday in three years or someone who I have never met in person and I know are only adding me to be nosy. 

My twitter is public .. @jaynehamlyn 

so is my instagram .. @jaynehamlyn

Heck, add me on snapchat (anyone wanna guess what my handle is there ?? Ya, its @JayneHamlyn) 

But please, please, PLEASE don't hate on me for wanting to keep one thing to people I actually care about. 

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