Monday, May 1, 2017

I'm not a blogger.

Today was going to be a "5" post. Basically, I would just tell you five things that I am loving lately. But, in my infinite wisdom, I did a list style post Thursday and I don't want to repeat myself or for this reading to get boring for you. SO .. 

I was at a loss, so I started googling and the deep dive into the internet and the cruel world of blogging surfaced. Everything from "How to get 100k readers in a month", "How to increase the traffic on your blog", "Writing prompts for popular posts". I read each and every one of those posts, and as I felt the familiar swell of anxiety, panic and failure swell in my chest I had an epiphany. 

I'm not a blogger. I'm not here to make a profit or to become "internet famous". I'm not here to get a TV show or to be discovered. I'm here for myself, I'm here because I love writing, I like having something that I have motivation to write everyday. I'm not going to lie to you guys, I like the feedback, but I would like the negative feedback, too. (Not an excuse to tear me apart, fyi.)  I like writing and I want to improve upon it, I have so many projects and ideas for the future that involve my writing, so I want it to get as good as I possibly can.

I want to write about me, my life, my struggles and my success. I want to write about my dreams and aspirations, my setbacks and my hesitations. I want to write about whats on my mind, my musings and my thoughts. Sometimes, it might be personal, scary, boring or funny. That is all me, it might be all about Cuba, Matt, friends, family or nothing. Maybe a combination, but it will always be 100% me, what I want to write and when I want to write. It might not get me 100k readers in a month or get much traffic on my blog, but I'll know that my readers are interested in me and my life, they are engaging with the material. They can know that everything I write is genuine.

I hope thats enough.

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