Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I need a favour...

Its 8:10 PM and I am completely ready for bed. Being a real adult feels an awful lot like being 8 years old... I love it. There is not much to worry about only going to work and looking after myself. And one other person.. 

I don't know if any of you guys know, but I have a pupper. 

This is Cuba. He joined my family in July of 2003, after capturing my heart the month before at the Exploits Valley SPCA. Every weekend my grand parents would take me to walk a doggo at the shelter (the closest I could get to having a real dog, at the time) and I got Cuba as a fluke. After walking him, he was all I could think about, all I wanted and I have never loved another being as much as I do this guy. 

He is my kindred spirit, my best friend. Since he moved to the city with me in January, we are rarely apart, although, truth be known; work has thrown a wrench into our days spent at the dog park and walking. Caring for Cuba also means I'm with him for the not so great days as well, like when he is sick and needs to go outside to use the bathroom five times between 12 and 6, when he is loud at other dogs when walking by him and freaks the f out and days like tomorrow, when he's going under anesthesia for the first time since he was fixed in 2004.  

He's not the toughest, biggest dog. He is my baby and I am petrified, I know I did a serious post yesterday, but if you guys send positive thoughts and prayers mine and Cuba's way tomorrow, I'll keep you laughing for the rest of the week. 

Now, before I scare everyone (and myself) too much he is only getting a growth removed from his foot. But Cuba is old, and has other issues (which I can't get into without breaking my own heart). It should only be a day procedure and he should be back taking up my bed tomorrow night. I would be lying if I didn't say this is taking up more of my thoughts then it should be. 

Cuba came into my life for my 8th birthday, and since then he has been the one consistently licking up my tears, barking and dancing with me when I am happy and lying in bed with me and not leaving my side on the not so good days. I feel as though I shouldn't leave his side tomorrow, but I'm not allowed in the room and I have to work. But my thoughts will be with him.

Please, please please, keep yours with him as well.  

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