Monday, May 22, 2017

I am old.

It's the Monday of a long weekend and I have zero desire to do anyyything until work tomorrow. Seriously, it is a shower and put back on your pajama's kinda day. 

My favorite kinda day honestly, they only happen once in a little while between work, friends, school up until a month ago. So days that Matt and I can just hang out and do not much besides go to the gym, watch Netflix and relax! 

I have taken up painting canvas and trying my hand at calligraphy !! I'm not very good but it is very relaxing, and very fun!! 

 (This is mine ) 

(Made this for Matt, when he picked me up for our first date he had an ABBA cd in, so the band has always held a special place in our hearts)  

(Made this for Mom's office, but she says its not appropriate for work) 

The rest of the weekend was wonderful!! I think I am probably turning into an adult, because I did not go to a cabin or downtown but had the best weekend I have had in so long !! 

Friday night Meg and I had supper at my fave low key place! Good food and cheap beer will always make me a repeat customer.

Saturday was even better!! After cleaning the house (which, spoiler, is super satisfying) I had some friends in. Just a couple of my fave people in to play cards against humanity. 

Its always enjoyable when you can do absolutely nothing special and still have the best time! 

Also, I am pretty sure I am turning this blog into a full advertisement for Old Navy but HOW CUTE is this dress ?? (And its 30% off today so I mean...) 

We ended the real weekend (yesterday) with a sushi buffet at somewhere other than Sushi Island! Are you shocked? Me too. 

Good food and great friends. I laughed harder than I have in a very long time, and smiled so hard my cheeks hurt! I realized how old I am because there was not one part of me that wishes I had been downtown. 

Its so much more important to like who you're around, for those people to make you feel good and to not have to put on any shows for people. I am so happy with the people I have chosen to surround myself with ♡

That was my long weekend !! 

How was yours? 

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