Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Advice to Incoming University Students.

 I figure now that I am a graduate and all I am 100% qualified to write this post that's been in high demand

(it hasn't been in high demand)

 Since I started the trek to get my degree four (!!!) years ago, I'd like to think I learned a lot.

Think of me as a wise old owl of sorts.

And who am I to deprive the new University students of 2017 the chance to hear some advice from a wise old owl.

Keep reading, cause it is about to get real.

Have a wild phase. Stay up too late, overindulge with your friends and dance so many nights away at clubs that you'll cringe at for years to come. But know when to pull up your socks and stay home. Know when school needs to take priority and work at it.

Take courses for fun. Take the course that has no relevance to your degree because you have heard the professor is awesome. But for the love of goodness, don't leave the hard courses for your last semester.

Stay in touch with your high school friends!! Make the effort to keep them in the loop and stay in touch, they knew you at a time when no one else would have wanted to be your friend. But befriend people in your program, and soon (you need notes when your overindulging keeps you out and you sleep through class).

Remember to call your parents (and grandparents) because they will be the only ones who always answer your calls and will be there for you when you feel the most alone. Your parents are going to be there for you no matter what, and they deserve a weekly (or daily) phone call.

Fall in love, hard. Fall in love so hard you cant stop smiling and your thoughts are consumed with weddings and you doodle your married name in your notebook.

Then get your heart broken. Bad. Lie in bed and cry, wonder if you will ever feel happy again. Wonder how you could let someone hurt you this bad.

But then you'll fall in love again. It will be different and better than you could have ever imagined because it won't be a first date kind of thing. It is a real love. A partnership. A family.

Change your degree. Change it again. Find what you love, find a degree that makes learning fun and makes you excited to calm down and throw yourself into it. Don't do what your parents want, friends want or society wants. Do what you want, anyone who loves you will love you regardless.

Find friends that love you for more than going out on the weekend. Find friends that have fun sitting around playing cards or going out for supper. Find friends you can go days without taking too and pick up where you left off.

Through all of this, remember to love yourself. Find what makes you smile, what brings you joy and what gets you out of bed in the morning. Allow you to find joy within yourself and bring it to everything you do.

Love yourself first.

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