Thursday, May 25, 2017

52 thoughts before I get to work.

 1. At approximately what time can I go back to bed?

2. Cuba, are you snoring or growling?

3. Why do I work? I want to sleep.

4. Would Matt be mad if I got a sugar daddy?

5. Why are people up this early?

6. No, Cuba. You can't bark this early.

7. Why are you pulling into a driveway? Where were you all night, sir?

8. Did I shower last night?

9. I was suppose to go to the gym this morning.

10. There's always tomorrow.

11. Is tomorrow Friday??

12. Nope. Okay.

13. What about the next day?

14. Should I go out this weekend or sleep?

15. Cuba, please stop barking.

16. Can I eat breakfast?

17. Should I make coffee?

18. How do people wash their hair EVERY MORNING

19. Should I wash my hair this morning?

20. As if I have time for that.

21. No, Cuba we can't play catch right now.

22. I should stay home with him today.

23. I need to hurry.

24. I am running late.

25. What should I watch on Netflix while I am getting ready?

26. Is a new podcast out today?

27. Cuba, stop barking.

28. Did I brew coffee?

29. ..and now I don't have time to do my hair. Top Knot!!

30. How do people do nice eye liner wings every day?

31. I'm out of eye brow makeup (or mascara, or eye liner, highlighter.. etc.)

32. Will this work instead?

33. Great, now I look like a clown.

34. Without lipstick I look sick.

35. I should order a Kylie lip kit.

36. Maliboo? Mary Jo K? Koko K? My options are endless.

37. I wonder what Kim is doing right now.

38. I wish I could text her.

39. ILY KIM.

40. Crap. I'm really late.


42. Sorry I yelled, here's a treat.

43. Did I start the car?

44. Should I be starting the car? Isn't that bad for the environment?

45. Crappppp I didn't pick out an outfit last night.

46. This will have to do.

47. Time for a selfie !!

48. Oh, no. No time for a selfie.

49. Cuba, stop crying. Please.

50. What shoes match this?

51. I need to go shopping.

52. Do I have time to get a coffee??

All before 8 am ... Happy almost weekend friends!!

Good news! McDonald's finally has XL coffee ... and its as big as my head!!!!

What are the first thoughts that come through your head in the morning?

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