Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Waves and Pans and Iceberg's, oh my!

Not to toot my own horn, but three posts have been put up consistently. I don't wanna say I am back, but I am back. I hope. 

So, before I get too excited this is going to be a pretty picture heavy post because :

a) I actually remembered to take my camera so the pics aren't grainy and distorted 


b) Yesterday was too pretty of a day to not go crazy with being outdoors and taking pics! 

Mom, Matt and I went to Ferryland to see all the icebergs and they lived up to the hype!! 

(the iceberg is to the right of Matt's head!) 

We had to hike about 10 minutes up a muddy path to get the best view, but it was such a lovely day almost 10 degrees !!!!! 

Living in Newfoundland, you really have to embrace the nice weather as soon as it happens! Which is what we did yesterday! After spending some time on the beach, we headed back home, but there is nothing like finally getting outside after a long winter! 

Lets hope this is the beginning of the end of winter!

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