Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Space in the World.

If you look back to a post from a couple of days ago, I talked about how much I moved around in the past little while. 
 To be quite honest, I haven't felt like I had a home in a really long time. While my parents lived in the same home that I grew up in, my life was in the place that I was going to university. I was in a place of limbo in my life, moving from dorms and apartments, houses. 

(lucky for me, where ever I am with these two is home enough for me) 

Yesterday, I found out that I had passed all my courses, which means I am eligible to graduate in May!! With this knowledge, and a wonderful apartment with my Momma, I felt that it was finally time to make a place mine, somewhere I was to be. Somewhere I can stick around and enjoy being. Really feel comfortable, feel like I can be inspired. 

Welcome to Caffeine and Big Dreams headquarters!! 

I am so excited!! I went on a little shopping binge yesterday to my fave store (Dollarama, lets not kid ourselves) and got so many fun things!! 

I made a dream board: 

(I know how cheesy it is, doesn't mean I love it any less) 

Bought some flowers for ambiance: 

Finally found a home for this guy who has followed me around for a couple moves: 

Most importantly, I found a place where I can sit and write and feel comfortable in myself not being in anyones way or making too much noise. It's a really nice feeling, and I hope you enjoyed my first post from here!! Hopefully there are many more where that came from! 

We're over hump day people!! Almost the weekend ! 

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