Tuesday, May 3, 2016

find what you love

I think my favourite thing to talk to anyone about is something they are passionate about. I could listen to people talk for hours upon hours without saying a word if you can see their eyes light up and the genuine excitement in their voice. I don't think there is anything happier or more exciting than someone knowing exactly what they love and pursuing their passion. I know too many people who chose a practical path, something that they "should" want to do, what pays well or what they are told they should do.

However, I also know people who have chosen to follow their heart, their passion and something that can excuse them and they can talk for hours about. I think that is one of the most wonderful things. Nothing makes me a prouder friend than when I can see someone I love following their passions and dreams. 

I have a friend who is super into videoing and directing things, and he was the first person who ever made me realize this feeling. That something could be that important to you, that you can find something and it can change your life. You can check out his path to making his passion his career here, and see the genius I see in him. Its actually listening to him that made me want to start blogging again! 
(Am I bloggy yet??) 

The problem with this love of listening to peoples passions is that it makes me wonder what mine is. I have so many interests and hobbies, but I don't know if there is anything that excites me as much as I have seen some people get. The closest I have is blogging, and that is because I can talk about whatever I want. I like putting my thoughts on anything out there and having people comment back and interact with me. Hopefully I can grow on this and turn it into something that makes my eyes sparkle when I talk about it. 
(there is a 90% chance I only like blogging because I have an excuse to take pictures like this) 

Anyways, this marks two days in a row I have blogged and I hope thats a good sign! 

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