Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kalan Porter + Emoji's

Have you ever listened to music from when you were younger and seriously wonder why you ever stopped?? 
No? ... Just me..? Okay.
Well, I have recently rediscovered Kalan Porter. And by recently discovered I mean approximately 40 minutes ago. But they have been a very happy 40 minutes for me! I don't know why he ever went into obscurity because this guy has some real talent, AND he plays the violin. I don't know what else you would want from a musician honestly. For everyone who I know is just as excited about my discovery as I am, get a Spotify account and listen to him. It will be the best decision you made all day, I know it was for me. 

He also has a Christmas album for anyone looking to 'tis the season early. 

In other news, the new iPhone update came out yesterday and I am loving the new emoji's. Primarily the upside down smiley face and the unicorn, but I don't discriminate. Trust me -  they have all been used within the last 24 hours. I swear, nothing gets me more excited than the phrase "new emojis" it just gives you the ability to express yourself without using words. It's modern communication at it's finest. Not only do you not have to speak, you also don't have to type words!!! Just send an emoji, and there is now literally one for every emotion. And if you really want to throw someone off just throw in one that makes absolutely no sense. Like the corn, or a bowl of rice. It gets them every time. 

How happy am I that this is my second post this week! Talk about being on the ball! 
Anyways guys, send some emojis and listen to Kalan Porter and have a lovely Thursday :) 

xo, Jayne 

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