Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kalan Porter + Emoji's

Have you ever listened to music from when you were younger and seriously wonder why you ever stopped?? 
No? ... Just me..? Okay.
Well, I have recently rediscovered Kalan Porter. And by recently discovered I mean approximately 40 minutes ago. But they have been a very happy 40 minutes for me! I don't know why he ever went into obscurity because this guy has some real talent, AND he plays the violin. I don't know what else you would want from a musician honestly. For everyone who I know is just as excited about my discovery as I am, get a Spotify account and listen to him. It will be the best decision you made all day, I know it was for me. 

He also has a Christmas album for anyone looking to 'tis the season early. 

In other news, the new iPhone update came out yesterday and I am loving the new emoji's. Primarily the upside down smiley face and the unicorn, but I don't discriminate. Trust me -  they have all been used within the last 24 hours. I swear, nothing gets me more excited than the phrase "new emojis" it just gives you the ability to express yourself without using words. It's modern communication at it's finest. Not only do you not have to speak, you also don't have to type words!!! Just send an emoji, and there is now literally one for every emotion. And if you really want to throw someone off just throw in one that makes absolutely no sense. Like the corn, or a bowl of rice. It gets them every time. 

How happy am I that this is my second post this week! Talk about being on the ball! 
Anyways guys, send some emojis and listen to Kalan Porter and have a lovely Thursday :) 

xo, Jayne 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

10 things I wish I knew before I lived on my own

Before I moved out of my house in gfw, I thought living on your own would be the funnest thing EVER. Like seriously, no rules, no parents, no curfew. The opportunities (thanks to The Hills) seemed endless. However, now I am on my second year of living alone - although some would argue that res isn't really living on your own - and there are SO many things I wish I had known before I wasn't living under my parents roof. 
So without further adieu, What I wish I had known before living on my own: 

1. Laundry is a lot of work. Like so much work. I never understood why mom would get mad when she'd spend all day doing laundry and then I would bring down my laundry bag because I forgot. Yes Mom, you should have gotten mad, BECAUSE LAUNDRY IS SO MUCH WORK.  I always thought it was simple,  just throw it in and then switch it over. This is a lie. Also, do not wait until you have nothing to wear to do laundry because then its even more work. 
(the realization sinking in) 

2. Your room does not actually miraculously get cleaned when you don't want to do it. Nope. That was mom again. She was right. Its easier to just hang something up or put it away instead of letting a huge pile accumulate and then having to spend an hour doing it. Similar to your bed does not just get made. Your duvet cover does not make it back on the duvet without extreme effort... Sorry to break everyone's heart who still lives at home. 

3. Your parents (somewhat annoyingly) are always right. About almost everything. The boy is actually no good for you, your "friend" is not actually your friend, and you will change your major a million times before figuring out what you want to do. I would have saved so many tears and stress if I had listened to them. 

4. Nobody actually knows what they're doing out here*. There are very few people that I know that haven't changed their major, or at least strongly considered it. There is the belief in High School that you have to know what you're doing as soon as you graduate. I wish I had known that it was okay to not know. 

5. You will spend your time in university perpetually tired. And on the rare chance that you get a night to catch up on sleep, you'll choose to catch up with your friends and get even less sleep. I have never regretted choosing your friends, but I also can't remember the last time I wasn't at least a little tired. 

(Neither do I Kim, neither do I)

6. There is ALWAYS something to do. Even when you have everything done. There will still be something to do, and I finally understand the saying "not enough hours in a day" thanks to MUN. Even at CONA the amount of stress was not the same. 

7. The only constant for the first little while will be change. I remember when I graduated my mom told me the next 10 years will be filled with the most change for the rest of my life. She wasn't lying. Luckily, its primarily good change. 

8. When I moved out, I didn't think I would want to go home again. Nothing against my family or GFW, I just thought my parents would come to see me and that part of my life was over. Maybe that was the nativity, but there is nothing I love more than a weekend home. Sleeping in my own bed in my own house is a level of comfort unmatchable by anything else. 

9. You will not eat as healthy as you claimed you would. When I first thought of cooking for myself I thought I would be making salads and chicken breasts and lots of protein and greens and life enriching food. Now, I will admit I could be doing a lot worse, but I am not making myself any 5 star meals with all the benefits.

10. I really will be as fun as you thought it will be. And you will meet life long friends. and everything will eventually work out the way it was suppose to be. And it will open to your eyes to a whole new world that was better than you ever thought it would be. 

*DISCLAIMER: Yes, there are people who have known what they wanted to do since they were 8 and will do it and succeed. They are in the minority. and to them, I agree with Kourtney

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Weekend recap: Thanksgiving edition

Jayne: will u take bloody pics for me this weekend? 
Alyson: ahh.. I guess so.
Jayne: NO. Bloggy. Not bloody. 
Alyson: OKAY makes more sense 

(if i bend my leg and look down its bloggy right???)

Auto-correct is actually the worst thing to ever happen to phones, I am a firm believer in that. How many awkward moments happen because your phone gets to decide what you ACTUALLY want to say instead of what you type.... not impressed.  *real life update i just tried to type gf FOUR times before it let me keep it .. god, for, from and free*

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving everyone :) I hope your long weekend was full of friends, family, food and (f)wine. Mine definitely was! I know I talked about how October was growing on me in my previous blog post but it continues to be true! This weekend was wonderful as I got to do so many fall things!!
(I mean how much fallier can u get???) 

(sweet little cow) 

This weekend I also abandoned my attempt at silver hair and made a huge change to red! It wasn't really a plan so much as a last minute decision. And by last minute I mean three days before, but when you're me and its a hair change, 3 days basically an instantaneous decision. So here we are
(before; after) 

I'm still scaring myself when I look in the mirror, but its growing on me. (lol. hair. growing.) Sorry, I love a good (bad) pun.
I was lucky enough this weekend, that although my mom was visiting my dad in Alberta I got to spend time with my uncle who was home visiting from BC!
 (sweet fam dinner at 48 High)

(and of course my darling Grandmother xoxox)

On Sunday I got to spend the weekend with family #2 at the Wellman's cabin! They were nice enough to have me for the night and for my second turkey dinner of the weekend! It was so nice to be around a family with mine spread across the country! 
 (family game night) 


This weekend had the perfect end with me picking up my Momma at the airport last night! I am extending my midterm break by a day to spend some time with her! I have so much to be thankful for, and I am so happy with the way my life is going. It is easy to forget about everything we have, but I sure am happy with the people I have chosen to surround myself with! 
(Cuba is not a fan of car rides or selfies) 

(thankful for this angel every day xoxo) 

(clearly excited to have my mom home)

All in all, I would say thanksgiving weekend was a success! What about everyone else? What did you do this weekend? What are you most thankful for? Let me know :) 
xo, Jayne

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

five reasons.

*Generic start to how busy I have been the last couple days - WEEKS*
Ok! Yes we are currently in the throws of midterms and midterm papers and assignments! What a perfect time to take a couple minuets out of my day to write a new long overdue post! 

I was in the throws of thinking about how much everything sucks and how overwhelmed I was, when I started reading an article for one of my classes about the current problems going on around the world (overpopulation in China, disease in Africa, etc.) and it was a much needed wake up call on how we take things for granted - or at least how much I take for granted. I know I have slight melodramatic tendencies but for the past couple weeks I have felt like the world is crashing down around me due to school and stress and not having enough time to turn around. How small is that compared to what some people are going through?? I have so many reasons to smile today. 

For one, I live in a country where I am allowed to get an education to be stressed over. Considering some countries do not allow females to even do that! I like to remind myself of that whenever I am hating on MUN/ my workload.  I am so blessed to live in a place that not only encourages people of every gender/race/person to get educated but makes it as affordable as possible! So, TYSM MUN. 

Secondly! It's October. Summer is my favourite season, and September is easily one of my least favourite months. But October makes the transition from summer to cold (because in my mind thats how the seasons go - Summer, school, October, cold, COLD, Christmas, too much snow, annoying grey weather, June) a very easy one due to the pretty fall weather, halloween, and Thanksgiving. And boots and scarves and big sweaters. Okay, theres a lot to love about October. 

Third(ly?) Unsure of the grammatically correct way to phrase that, but Third of all - I am smiling today because of iMessage and the group chat I currently have with my family. We are a close fam and are spread across the country pretty good ATM, I'm in St. John's, Mom is in GFW, Kurt in NB and Dad in Alberta. But every day we all get to talk to each other and stay in the loop with each other. Technology is a wonderful thing.

 (typical daily convo's)

#4 - This one might loop back to October, but a long weekend this weekend! So excited to head home for a couple days and have someone else cook for me - here's looking at u Goggy and Laura- see my dog, and sleep in my own bed for a couple days! When you leave home you think you're ready to be on your own but there is nothing like getting to head back there. 

Five - A good song. Right now I am loving the Nashville music, straight from the show. Getting to plug into it while doing a reading for class or typing up some notes is a definite high point of my days lately (you know you're spending too much time working when... hahaha). Such good country music, and as I am watching the shows more and more and seeing the story behind each song makes them so much better. So maybe number 5 is just the show Nashville. Three seasons are on Netflix and 10/10 would recommend. S/O to Cat for getting me into it! 

Okay guys, I better finish up my paper so I can enjoy this weekend but first two side notes.
1) My friend Karen has started her own blog about having and beating cancer at 22 and she is so inspiring and has such a good story to tell - so i would love for you guys to check it out here .
2) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my bestest of friends, Meg! She's currently studying abroad in Austrailia so I'm missing her special day but I hope it was every bit as special as you are angel xoxox

So, what makes you smile on your hard days? Let me know :)
xo, Jayne.