Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September ABC's

Happy September! I've been super busy the past few days and will be for the next couple until I get moved back back to St. John's. I wanted to make sure I got a post or two in, and I saw this on a couple blogs and it seemed fun - here goes nothing! 

A – Age: 20

B – Birthday: July second

C - Color: light blue

D – Drink: lemon water and coffee

E – Eyes: blue eyes

F – Flashback: a nice pic my parents took circa 1995-96 idk what I'm doing but it usually makes me laugh so

G – Google: I normally google puppy pictures, song lyrics and random things about Taylor Swift 

H – Hobby: blogging (I can say that now!!), binge watching TV, and trying new ways to exercise 

I – Indulgence: Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Tyga's new album,  Reese peanut butter spread and sour gummy worms
(luv u Kim)

J – Job: hopefully, a journalist, eventually. 

K – Kids: I say none now, but I'd love to have a little boy and girl like my family had growing up!

L – Loves: My puppy, Shondaland, new running trails and laughing 

M – Music: almost anything! especially country though

N – Nickname: none!

O – One Wish: that people would be honest and straight forward about their feelings/thoughts! everything would be much easier!

P – Pets: Cuba! had him for 12 years this summer, he is my heart and soul
(sweetest face)

Q – Quote : "your destiny isn't tied to anyone that would leave you"

R – Residence: St. John's !!

S – Siblings: brother! Kurt, six years older than me. 
(he doesn't picture well)

T – Temperature: 20+ plz and tysm

U – University: Memorial University of Newfoundland 

 V – Vehicle: used to be a Hyundai Accent (imysm accy) now a white Mazda CX5 when I'm home 

W – Worst Habit: twirling my hair and biting my nails  

X – X-Rays: none I don't think, besides dentist ones. 

Y – Yuck: onions 

Z – Zoo animal: The big cats! Lions, Tigers, Cougars and Panthers. Luv them

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