Sunday, August 30, 2015

weekend recap + moving

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone's weekend was full of friends and relaxation!
This weekend was my last one in GFW for a while so I spent it catching up with people I might not see for a little while!
Friday was my last day of work for the summer, I had a student job with Child, Youth and Family services. I met some really nice people and had my own office! Packing it up was so sad! It looked so empty and lonely when all of my things were taken out..
After I said goodbye to my office, Alyson and I went to supper to start our last girls night for a while. With all the selection in GFW, we decided on Wingin' It.
(Wingin' It sangria!) 

Alyson and I both had the taco's except she went with shrimp and I went with chicken, the little adventurer that I am, but were they ever good! Normally, I get nachos or the wings (ya know, Wingin' It - gotta have the wings sometimes) but they were well worth the diversion from the regular!

After dinner Alyson and I went to Botwood and basically talked about how lucky we are to have found each other. It's tough to find a friend like I have in that girl, and even though we haven't known each other for all that long I know she is someone that will be around for the long haul. #blessed. 
(christmas 2014)

(19th birthday)

(salmon fest) 
Saturday, Alyson and I got up and made a phenomenal breakfast that we ate on her back deck and then I came home and hung out with mom, Kurt and nan in the back yard; trying to get some colour before summer is over! Then it was time to get ready for a night with the ball hockey girls! It was a fun night with a lovely bunch of ladies that I am very thankful I met! We had a fun night of food, chatting, beer pong, flip cup and just dance! (not my forte)

( team young guns; #firsttimeeverytime)

(Emalee and I) 

(Jess, Emalee and I)

Today was spent packing! Mom and I tried to go for a walk and the rain poured on us, so that didn't last long. 
I am mostly packed for heading back to St. John's! I'm excited to get back into a routine and back into the city with my friends! This summer was very relaxing, but also very lonely with only a couple friends left in my hometown. I can't wait to start this next chapter and see what happens! 
What about you guys?? What did you do this weekend?? Leave me some comments :) 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

silver and peaches.

Grey's and Scandal hasn't even started for the fall, but I still think that acronym is appropriate for today, maybe thats just me and my love of acronyms.
  So, today I did something I've been debating for months and was hesitant to do due to other people's opinions. I started the process of dying my hair silver!!
 The sun brings out the blonde a little more than it should but considering what it used to be I am so excited!
 Dying my hair this colour is a big step for me. We all have our character flaws and mine is that I hate doing something if I know I don't have approval from every single person. I am a people pleaser to a fault. When I mentioned wanting to do this most people said "ew, why" "no don't" "why would you do that" and "omg please no". So I didn't. Instead I pinterest searched this colour and just wished for it to grow without me having to make a decision.
Although a hair colour isn't that big of a deal it is just an example of how I was a couple months ago, living my life to make the people closest to me happy and avoid anything that wasn't exactly what they wanted.
Living your life for other people is an easy way to live a half life. A couple things have changed since then and I am working hard to find myself outside of other people's expectations of me. Change is hard. Losing yourself in order to be what someone else needs is hard. But I promise, finding yourself is worth it.
(grey hair, don't care??)
You could be the juiciest, ripest peach in the world, but there's still going to be someone who doesn't like peaches. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

First post/ EBHD '15

hey y'all!
 feeling a little country after my weekend in Avondale so i figured i'd go with it. this is my first post of the blog world (hey everyone). I decided to give this a try because i like writing and i want to have someplace to look back on everything so here we are!
 this weekend was the eastbound hoedown in avondale. i'm a huge country music fan so this weekend was pretty much a spiritual experience for me. ask alyson how i was during david nail, it was amazing. before the whole thing even started i was basically like a kid on christmas morning.
 (alyson, kate, laura, suze and me) 

 we are all ready at 8 am! that's earlier than i get up for work and there were no complaints! also, huge shoutout to laura, alyson's mom, for carting us around all weekend and their cousin andrea for letting us crash there all weekend! 

friday's concert started with rex goudie!! the 11 year old in me fan girled so hard. i even broke out the white hat from his canadian idol days! 
(rex singing his little heart out) 

After rex jess moskaluke came on! she hasn't been around long and when people sang along to cheap wine and cigarettes she looked so happy! i have it on video and its so nice to see singers appreciate their audience so much! and when dallas smith came backstage she got so excited! its still so new to her, it was super exciting for her and us. as far as im concerned dallas smith stole fridays show! we managed to stay upfront for him and he was so interactive! people kept throwing their phones on stage and he'd take selfies! of course the one im in im videotaping him singing... theres already been people calling me out on facebook! 
(dallas smith, the crowd and me videotaping the
whole thing) 

(dallas smith)

 i forgot dallas smith sang somebody, somewhere. when he broke that one out i almost cried! so good. friday night closed with lynryd skynyrd! my phone died before they came on but did the crowd ever sing along to sweet home alabama and free bird! 

 i want to say saturday was better, but friday was hard to beat. sundy best came on and we missed most of them from hanging at the car and trying to avoid buying 3/20 beer (redic!!!!!). 
(avoiding the 3/20)

we made sure to be there for lonestar though! again, the jr. high girl in me freaked out when they sang amazed. and mr. mom. and my front porch lookin in. AND IM ALREADY THERE. so many feelings. 
 rodney atkins was next. how many times can can i say that this weekend was amazing ?? rodney atkins. he was a super star. these are my people is every small towns anthem and he knew it! did he ever rock out. did we ever rock out! 
(rodney atkins)

i thought he'd be a tough act to follow but if anyone could, blackjack billy did. they did so many mashups and mixed their songs with ones from other genres (booze cruise and shots???). we were right up by the fence for them as well and everyone was so amped up! 
(next to the fence with al, loving life)

(blackjack billy)

 the night ended with david nail (like i said, almost spiritual) followed by little big town!! crazyyy. i seriously thought after every act it couldn't get better and every act it did. we only stayed up front for a little bit of lbt because the crowd was crazy! you couldnt stand up without getting pushed around and no personal space! i know its a concert but seriously, the crowd was insane! 

they finished on a high note! they sang all their big hits and the crowd loved it! all in all this weekend was definitely one for the books! sorry my first post was probably the longest ever, but it was a big weekend!